Tips for Buying New Cars


car buying tipsBuying a car is different from buying any other thing since there are various aspects and details of the transaction that many car buyers never notice until it’s too late. Purchasing a new car can be an impressive and intimidating process. The salesperson and the car dealer usually count on that to make extra money when they sell new cars. So, ensure you know the answers to the following questions before signing any paperwork.


What is the actual cost?

When considering the questions to ask the car dealer, remember to ask about the real price of the car. Ask if there are any discounts, possible refund as well as any special financing programs. If they have such programs, ensure you check the interest rates and the period of repayment.


What is the cars maintenance cost?

Another question you should consider to ask is the vehicle’s maintenance expenses. Don’t think that after buying a car your costs end at that point. You need to keep some cash for maintenance and routine check-ups. You should also enquire about the availability of spare parts, as you might need them in future.


What is the resale value of the vehicle?

You must understand that once you drive the car off the dealer’s lot, its value depreciates. It’s doubtful that you’ll keep the auto forever. Hence, there is the need for the car to have an attractive resale value. Be sure to ask the salesperson or car dealer the approximate resale value of the new car. Vehicles with new features such as energy-saving systems have a much higher resale price.


Is the car fuel-efficient?

With each passing day, the fuel prices keep going up; therefore, when buying a new car make fuel efficiency a priority in the inquiries. When purchasing a new car, ensure you invest in the most fuel-efficient one that matches your requirements. Apart from saving you money, investing in a fuel-efficient car also contributes to the conservation of the environment. You can counter-check the information provided to you by the car dealer by learning about the fuel consumption of the newly manufactured cars on websites.


What are the features incorporated?

This aspect predicts the price of a new car. When thinking of questions to ask before buying that brand new vehicle, be sure to research on the desirable features included in the car. Enquire if it has an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and power windows. Ask if it’s equipped with safety features like stability control, airbags, and break assist.


What does the warranty include?

Warranties are crucial in car purchases. Car dealers use warranties as enticing offers to buyers of vehicles. Therefore, it is important to add the question of warranty coverage in your list of inquiries. Some automakers have longer warranties than others do; however, the coverage ranges from six months to five years, depending on the car and contract. The warranty covers parts, service, and roadside service; therefore, it could save you money in the end.


Bottom line

Buying a new car is a significant transaction. Be sure to carry out research and compare cars, also, always ask the above questions before buying the car; this ensures you land on a better deal.