Self-Driving Cars Are Still Not Safe

bmw i8 10Self-driving cars are still not completely safe and there are quite a few reasons. For one, adverse weather conditions can certainly create visibility problems and the sensors that are used to power this new driverless technology. Rain can also reduce the range and accuracy as well as obscure the vision of the digital on-board cameras and this will in turn create quite confusing reflections and glare. This can lead to major highway accidents and they can be fatal. You should never fully place your trust in a machine. Studies are still being conducted on programming cars to behave like humans. Self-driving cars have multiple sensors that can accidentally give conflicting information. This was the main issue involved in the fatal Tesla crash. One sensor did spot or see the truck and it misinterpreted it as a road sign overhead. This lead to a death by a self-driving car. Autopilots use both cameras and radar to detect and avoid obstacles on the road. But this was not the case and a self driving car caused one to die.


There are still every day flaws and mistakes that present obstacles in the way that lead to a much wider adoption of self-driving car technology. Still there are many people who do do not place their complete trust in these self-driving cars, and that may be a good thing. There are also many unpredictable urban road and highway conditions that vividly show unmarked lanes and heavy roadwork. Put a self driving car in this scene and see what you end up with. Self driving car have to find the at to know that there are certain types of misunderstandings that happens each day on the road between human drivers. It must be some technology out there somewhere that self-driving cars can understand the human driving split second decisions that will help avoid these types of accidents. When this is discovered, then the self driving car might be considered to be almost as safe as the non- self driving cars. Self driving cars can offer nice advantages in most cases like parking properly. Today, it has been determined that the accident rates involving driverless cars are two times as high as those for regular cars. If that is still the case, then there are not many people making purchases for a self-driving auto. The greatest challenges with self driving cars rests in the technology. You should never over trust technology with these types of cars because it was created fast, rapidly developed, for a rapid growing population. These types of cars tend to be smaller in size compared to most regular cars. It is not a good feeling to be in such a small car next to a big rig moving seventy miles per hour on the interstate either. Many people are really thinking hard about these self driving cars of today, their advantages, their accidents, and the disadvantages. Maybe one day soon the self driving cars will be completed flawless and instead of taking lives, they will in fact be saving them.