Car Trends that You Didn’t See Coming



mix of cars 04Cars have made navigation all over the world easy and affordable. People move freely and extensively to many places in the world because of the fine car transport that enables a better form of transportation. These cars offer multipurpose functions that all depend on the type of the car.


Types of cars

There are different types of cars. Each mobility car is designed to best suit one’s needs, that is, the ease and compatibility of the car. Considering the car compatibility, we have:

  • Automatic cars.
  • Manual cars.

Automatic cars

Automatic cars are a hybrid technological cars. Automatic cars are compatible with a variety of car models and makes because they act as computers. They have data that is hidden and can control the car, that is; performance, the running of the engine and the gas usage. Automatic cars are standard and simple to drive.


Manual cars

These are controlled manually. That is they have no hidden data that controls the performance, fuel usage and the engine. Rather, the driver is the one to control the car to his/her best suit of driving. However these cars are the best suit to use when learning how to drive.

Narrowing down to the types of the cars, we have the;


Small cars

The small cars are generally described by their small size, that is; they tend to have a lower cost of running and lower CO2 emissions unlike the larger cars. They also have a light weight which is an added advantage to fuel economy. They are also easy to maneuver especially when parking in tight spaces, and their being small also means a lower cost to procure. Examples of small cars include: sedans, coupes and hatchbacks.


Medium cars

Medium sized cars are slightly bigger than the small sized cars. They range up to 4.8 meters long and above. They are convenient since they have enough legroom and headroom thus can carry any adult. Due to their slightly smaller size they do not take up much space when parking hence can be parked easily. They are also fuel economical unlike their large counterparts. However, they are not easy to manage like the small cars. Examples of the medium cars include: Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6, Honda Accord Euro, Subaru Liberty, Renault and Volkswagen Passat among others.


Family cars

They are larger than the medium cars usually a 4-door saloon car. They have a boot at the back with more space and an ample leg-room and head-room. They have more room on the inside thus convenient for family trips since they offer a large interior space for kids.


Roadsters and Cabriolets

Cabriolets are small sized cars carrying either two or four persons. They are convertible, that is; their soft roof top can come off and retract while the Roadster has a hard roof top which is also convertible. They are convenient for fun riding and sports. They have a low fuel consumption thus economical.


Wheelchair Accessible Cars. (WAVs)

These cars are designed to carry passengers using wheelchairs. They can drive from their wheelchair or still board the car in their wheelchair. They come in different designs so as to accommodate any size and type of wheelchair thus making it easy to get in and out of the car while on the wheelchair.
Sport Utility Vehicle. (SUV)

They are generally 4×4 sports cars for off-road use. There off-road and sports use is because of the larger and higher ground clearance design. They are swift either places, off-road or in estates and cities. They also have a low cost of running and an ample performance.