Best Dual Portable DVD

Cars are evolving like never before. There are so many great things and changes that have taken place throughout the years it’s completely remarkable. Along with the amazing changes that are taking place in cars, there seem to be just as many accessories that you can add to your car with ease just as well. One thing that a lot of people are getting to put in their cars is portable DVD players. There are so many people that have them already in their cars, but there may be just as many people that don’t have them in their cars just yet. For those that don’t have a portable DVD player in their cars and are looking to get them, a great suggestion would be a dual portable DVD player. While you may know that you want a portable DVD player, you may not know what you to look for when you are shopping around.

What to Look for

When you are shopping for electronics you don’t want make an impulse buy. There are some things that you should consider and a little research that you should do prior to making your purchase.

  1. Think about what you want
  2. What do you want it to be able to do?
  3. Make sure it has everything you want, and can do what you want; never settle
  4. Do you want it to be able to have internal & external storage?
  5. What you want to come along with it

Once you have considered these things and know what you want in your dual portable DVD player, you can proceed to shopping for what you want.

Best Overall Dual Screen DVD Player

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Sykik 9.8″ Dual screen, Dual DVD Player

The Sykik 9.8″ dual screen, dual DVD player is a great portable DVD player to have in your car. It has a lot of options that you will love. Each screen comes equipped to play it’s on DVD separately, or you can use the cord that is provided to play the same DVD on both screens. Both screens also come with a rechargeable battery, headrest straps, remote controls, and car cigarette adapters. You will also receive a set of AUX to AV cables, and an AV connecting cord.

The Sykik 9.8″ Dual Screen, Dual DVD Player is a great dual portable DVD player to have in your car. Everyone that views it will love it.

  • The screens can play single or separate movies
  • Both screens have rechargeable batteries
  • One year warranty
  • Customers complain about the short cords that won’t reach
  • Short battery life with a full charge

Editor’s Choice

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Sylvania 10.1″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

This is a great dual screen portable DVD player to have for your car. It’s perfect if you have kids, go on long road trips, or like to entertain your passengers while in your vehicle. This is will be a great item for you to have to bring extra laughs and fun to your car rides.

The Sylvania 10.1″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player is a product that you will enjoy having and being able to use.

  • The size of the screens
  • Comes with earphones for both screens
  • Comes with headrest mounting straps for both screens
  • There’s a built in rechargeable battery for the main unit only
  • Can’t play the same movie on both screens
  • Customers complained about the short power cords

Best Budget Dual Portable DVD

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RCA DRC69705 7-Inch Dual Screen Mobile DVD System

RCA is a great brand that has been known in the electronics industry for many years… and this dual screen mobile DVD system helps everyone see why that is. This dual portable DVD player has electronic skip protection so you don’t have to worry about your DVD not playing all the way through. It has built-in stereo speakers, a jack for you to plug in your headphones, and everything you need to set the system up in your car including headrest mounting straps.

With the RCA DRC69705 7-Inch Dual Screen Mobile DVD System you’ll find out why RCA is a brand many people want to have.

  • Electronic skip protection that allows the playback to be smooth
  • Everything you need to set the system up in your car comes with it
  • Customers say it’s easy to set up
  • Can only plug in one set of headphones for each screen
  • Customers complain that remote control doesn’t work well
  • You can only play one DVD at a time for both screens

Value Of Finding The Best Dual Portable DVD Player For Your Car

Just like with any other purchase you make, you want to have the very best. You don’t want to spend your money on a portable DVD player for your car and not have it be exactly what you want, and have it be something that is going to last for you.

Making sure that you have a product that is valuable and going to be able to be put to great use is something that is extremely important and should be put into great consideration… things of value last a long time and you want your portable DVD player to last for sure!


After looking at the above products and considering all the things they have to offer, the performance of each and what comes along with them, the best dual portable DVD player that you can get for your car would be the Sykik 9.8″ Dual screen, Dual DVD Player. You can play the same DVD on each screen or play separate DVDs, a warranty comes with it, there’s more than one input for headphones on each screen and there are so many other things that you can do with this portable DVD player that you can’t with the others.