Best Chrome Wheel Cleaner

When you get your car clean, you want the entire car clean. You don’t want to have a clean car body and wheels that have dirt, grime, dust and grit on them… it takes away from the clean car and it really makes things look a mess. But when you have chrome wheels, how do you really get them clean? The super clean that you love to look at everyday. The best way to do this is to find a great chrome wheel cleaner that you know will do the exact job that you’re looking to have done. You need a chrome wheel cleaner that you can have on hand and not have to worry about if it’s going to get everything off; and there are products that you can find that will do just that.

Why Chrome Wheel Cleaner is Beneficial

You never want to clean your chrome wheels with anything that you’re not supposed to. You always want to use a cleaner that wheel clean your wheels without damaging them. Some cleaners that aren’t specifically made for chrome wheels will damage your wheels and can cause you a huge headache.

The right product will thoroughly clean your wheels and leave them looking shiny and bright. Finding the right product is something that can be done, but you will need to do some looking around. We’ve done some of the hard work for you.

Editor’s Choice Chrome Wheel Cleaner

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Meguiar’s G19124 Hot Rims Chrome Wheel Cleaner

This product is a great one to have to clean your chrome wheels. It has foam that clings to your wheels and stays until you wipe it, ensuring a deep clean that you’ll love. It gets rid of brake dust, grime from the road and anything else that is dirt that is on your chrome. If you want a vigorous clean on your chrome wheels, this product will do the job.

Meguiar’s G19124 Hot Rims Chrome Wheel Cleaner is a good cleaner for your chrome wheels.

  • Special formula for safety on chrome wheels
  • Locks so children are kept safe from it
  • Clinging foam
  • Customers claim it left a cloudy film
  • Customers don’t like that it can’t use on all chrome wheels
  • Customers got a leaky product; not packaged well

Best Budget Wheel Cleaner

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Meguiar’s G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner

This wheel and tire cleaner has a solution that is unique and foams to clean your chrome wheels and tires as well. You will be greatly satisfied with the deep clean that you will get when you use this product. When you spray this on your wheels and tires it goes on white, as it cleans it turns brown… that’s how you will know the it is doing what it’s supposed to do and getting the dirt and grime that you want off.

Meguiar’s G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner is a great wheel cleaner and you will know it’s doing the work that you want it to do.

  • You can actually see the dirt coming off the chrome wheels and tires
  • Safe for all wheels
  • Easily gets brake dust off
  • The bottle isn’t good… leaks product out
  • Customers feel you need a lot of it for it to effectively work
  • Product didn’t last long

Best Overall Wheel Cleaner

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Griot’s Garage (11230) Chrome Wheel Cleaner

This chrome wheel cleaner is safe for you to be able to clean any type of chrome wheels. It will remove any and all contaminants gently and you don’t have to worry about scratching your wheels. This cleaner doesn’t just come by alone, but you will receive a scrub brush along with scrub mitts so you can get to the hard to reach and small crevices of your wheels. That helps in you knowing that everything is getting clean and you can put your mind to ease about that.

Griot’s Garage (11230) Chrome Wheel Cleaner is a great set for you to have; you will know with assurance that your chrome wheels are completely clean.

  • Comes with a brush that’s long reach so you can clean behind the spokes & mitts that can get into cracks
  • Natural ingredients like citrus oil are used, which makes it safe
  • Cleans without causing damage
  • There is a mild acidic component to the cleaner

Value Of Finding The Best Chrome Wheel Cleaner

When you are looking to find a chrome wheel cleaner you don’t want anything that isn’t of value. The purpose of getting a product that is valuable is not just so you can have something that works well… you want to have a cleaner that will do the job but one that will also be able protect your wheels as well. You don’t want to spend money on a product to clean your wheels that can damage your wheels. You want a product that you can use and be at ease using it. You don’t want to have to replace your chrome wheels because the cleaner you used didn’t work well and messed your wheels up.

A product of value will ensure you’re getting your chrome wheels clean and that you don’t have to worry about possibly having to replace them.


All in all, the above products are all good products, and seemingly work very well on your chrome wheels. To choose one that is ineffective is impossible; they are all good products that you can use on your chrome wheels. But, to choose one that is the best is something we can do. From the comparison of all three products it’s safe to say the best chrome wheel cleaner that you will be able to find on the market is the Griot’s Garage (11230) Chrome Wheel Cleaner. It is effective, doesn’t cause any damage and it comes along with tools to help you clean your wheels and tires as well.