There are many brands and types of CB radios and even the experienced car professional would have difficulty in figuring out where to start in choosing the right brand and model. This article is meant to give you some general guidelines to follow in your search for which kind of CB radio is appropriate for how you will be using it.


The best CB radio for meeting your specific needs will depend on the type of use and feel you are looking for from your CB radio as different radios will be slightly different in how they are set up and what it feels like to use them. An important thing to consider is the radios display and how comfortable you are with using it because you don’t want a radio that is difficult for you to adjust while you are driving.

We have selected two of the top CB radios from two of the top brands in the CB radio business and will provide details on what to look for in each and how to select a CB radio that is right for your needs.



  • – Compact design
  • – One click for channel 9/19
  • – LCD Display fully functional
  • – 40 channels compact
  • – LCD display illuminated


  • – Public Address function can connect to external PA
  • – Instant channel 9 functionality
  • – External Speaker jack
  • – Signal power indicator


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Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio

The Cobra 40 Channel CB radio is definitely the top end option when considering CB radios. It provides a great user interface that is easy to use especially in comparison with some of its competitors.

Another benefit that makes this radio very useful is its instant channel 9 access functionality by having a button to switch to that channel quickly at any point.

This CB radio is a great investment for a driver who is looking to stay safe and informed while on the road. Staying connected to the people you need to is critical in being able stay up to date on information that may be relevant to any work you are doing as well as being informed on any delays or emergency situations which receiving that kind of information in a timely manner could make a difference in your personal safety.

  • – Compact design doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • – Instant channel 9/19 functionality keeps you up to date on safety and emergency information
  • – Full functioning LCD display is easy to use and see what you are doing
  • – Compact 40 channels
  • – Some reports of poor packaging on delivery
  • – Different prices from different retailers
  • – Not easily found at common auto retailers


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Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)

The Uniden CB radio is a great budget alternative for a CB radio that will keep you connected to the people and information you need while you are on the road.

One important feature of this radio is the instant channel 9 functionality that quickly tunes you in to vital emergency information.

Other important functionality includes an external speaker jack to plug your radio into a louder speaker as well as an external PA connection functionality that allows you to broadcast over an external PA system if necessary.

  • – Public Address function that lets you connect to external PA systems
  • – Instant channel 9 allows you to quickly set the radio to emergency channel
  • – Signal power indicator tells you how strong the strength of incoming transmissions is
  • – External speaker jack
  • – Different prices found at different retailers
  • – Not easy to find at all common auto stores
  • – Some reports of poor packaging upon delivery


The value of finding the best CB radio is that your connection to the people and information you need is an important investment for those looking at purchasing a CB radio. That connection keeps you up to date with critical information that you may need to know at a moment’s notice and keeps you safe and increases your productivity by staying well informed.

Cobra and Uniden are both leaders in the CB radio business and they both have their own unique sets of features and benefits that make them great products for suiting your needs.

What you should consider when purchasing a CB radio is how important to you the interface quality and how easy it is to tune as if you are constantly driving and having to focus on the road you may want to consider a radio that has a lit up interface and tuner that is easy to see and use so that you are having to fumble with it while you drive.


The Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio is definitely the clear front runner in this comparison and the all-around better choice. It provides many benefits including a clear led functional display that is easy to see at night and has a direct quick channel 9 button which takes you directly to the emergency services channel so that you can quickly get the information you need without the hassle of fumbling with the tuner when you’re trying to get time-sensitive information. The Cobra CB radio is widely available online for easy order and delivery.