Best Car Wash Mitt

Besides routine maintenance, keeping your car clean is a vital part of the long-term health of your car. It’s important to have the right tools to effectively and more easily clean your car. Finding the best car wash mitt is an important part of the tools you use to wash and clean your car.

Finding the best car wash mitt can be a difficult task. The market is saturated with a number of brands, types and claims that all say that are the best car wash mitt. There are also numerous websites and store options that can become overwhelming when faced with choosing the best car wash mitt for you. We’ve collected some of the best below to help you cut through the clutter.

Car Wash Mitts

Some of the first things to consider are the material you want from a mitt and what your budget is. Mitts can be made of natural wool, a microfiber wash or some other material. Cost is another factor, so know your budget before looking for a mitt because they do come in a variety of price ranges.

The BlueCare Automotive Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt 2-pack uses microfiber for a good clean and comes with a set of two mitts in two different sizes. The Chemical Guys MIC_491 Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Microfiber Wash Mitt can be used wet or dry and is durable. Lastly, the Meguiar’s X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt is budget friendly and is super absorbent.

Best Budget Car Wash Mitt

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Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Microfiber Wash Mitt

This mitt is a long-hair microfiber mitt that is an affordable option that also works very well. It is scratch and lint free, so you won’t be left with scratches or left-over lent when you use this to wash your car.

Unfortunately, there aren’t size options so the mitt may not fit perfectly for every user, but for the price and quality it’s worth a chance.

It can also be used wet and dry, and is machine washable. It also picks up dust and dirt and holds 10 times its weight. The extra thickness means it’s able to also pick up extra dirt and grime more easily.

This mitt holds up after many uses and will offer you many clean times. The option to throw it in the wash after use is also a great option.

  • Price
  • Durable over many washes
  • Can be machine washed
  • One Size
  • Sometimes hangs on to twigs or dirt from washing
  • Thinner than other mitts

Best Rated Car Wash Mitt

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BlueCare Automotive Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt (2-pack)

This is a top-rated seller on Amazon. It comes with two mitts for a quicker clean. These mitts are known for their durability and long-lasting powers.

We really like that they offer a variety of size options, including large, XL and even a L single mitt if you don’t want the two pack.

This mitt holds a large amount of soap and water, but can be used wet or dry, depending on your needs. It’s made out of soft microfiber yarns that are woven into fingers that are non-abrasive to all car finishes.

They also offer a 100% customer satisfaction deal so if you aren’t satisfied with the product you can receive your money back.

They fit a variety of hand sizes and could even be used for dusting inside your car or house. They’re also very soft and durable, and the company has great customer service.

  • Size options
  • Durable
  • Comes in two-pack
  • Extra elbow grease to take off tough spots
  • Doesn’t offer the XL size in a one-pack
  • Could use a few more ‘fingers’ for density

Materials To Look For In a Car Wash Mitt

Generally, when searching for the best car wash mitt to fit your needs, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

As mentioned above, there are numerous materials that mitts are made from. These include:

  • Pure wool
  • Microfiber
  • Synthetic

Wool mitts tend to have longer, softer fibers, which means they are gentler on your car. They aren’t always as effective as the microfiber options, however. Wool doesn’t last as long either.

Microfiber mitt fingers tend to be shorter and so particles that you pick up may get back onto the car or rub against it.

Cost of Car Wash Mitts

Cost is another thing to consider when choosing the best car wash mitt. Most car wash mitts are fairly affordable, depending on what type you choose. There is typically a wide range of offerings online and in stores, so you can find something that fits your budget. If you’re discouraged by price and think it’d be easier to just send your car through an automated car wash, you have to remember that this would probably cost you more over time and would most likely leave scratches on your paint and not remove all of the dirt/bug spots.

The Best Car Wash Mitt To Buy

The clear winner here is the BlueCare Automotive Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt. It offers an affordable option that utilizes good materials and has sizing options. It is also durable and will last through many washes. It gets rave reviews and it also is backed by a 100% satisfaction claim, so if you don’t love it you get your money back. There really isn’t anything you have to loose!