Best Car Dog Harness

Dogs, for whatever reason, love riding in cars. No other animal is quite as happy about car rides and no other pet will just stick its head out the window without jumping out of your moving vehicle. However, you still want your pooch to be safe in the event of a car accident. You can keep him or her safe with a car harness, which is like a seat belt/car seat for dogs. Fido can still stick his/her head out the window, but now he/she will not be brutally ejected from your vehicle when your vehicle is it from behind, hit from the side or rolls over. Here are some product reviews on the best car harnesses for dogs.

Seat Belt Buckles Included

One of the best car harnesses for dogs, the Guardian Gear Polyester Car Harness. This type of harness includes a full chest brace-style harness with a short leash that ends in a universal seat belt tab. The tab fits into all seat belt buckles.

Harnesses That Allow Your Own Seat belts to Be Threaded Through the Back

Another really good type of dog car harness is a full chest,¬†Impact Seat Belt by Harness. Instead of using a leash with a buckle on the end, this type allows you to thread your own seat belt through the back side of the harness, thereby restricting your dog’s movement.

Features of Both of These Types

  • The strap is adjustable to give your dog more room to move in the back seat.
  • The universal buckle end means you do not have to contend with your own seat belt buckles.
  • The strap can double as a leash if you forget your dog’s leash at home.
  • The harness can be worn and used just like a regular harness.
  • It will not securely restrain your dog from being thrown around in your vehicle if your vehicle rolls.
  • The harness looks a little bit flimsy.

The seat belt buckle style is especially nice because: Dog owners who have purchased this particular style of dog harness report that they really enjoy the fact that the strap with the buckle is adjustable. It is very accommodating for small as well as large dogs, and the owners can adjust it to give their dogs more rein to stick their heads out the back windows or jump into the hatchback storage area/ third set of seats as applicable.


  • Your dog is very secure in the car and will not be tossed around harshly if your vehicle rolls over several times in an accident.
  • Large dogs cannot lunge forward or attempt to climb into the front seat while you are driving.
  • Your own seat belt threaded through this harness is safety-approved by the car’s manufacturer, regardless of what the safety belt secures (e.g., infant car seat, child, booster seat, dog harness, etc.).
  • High-energy dogs are safely restrained.
  • Dogs that might try to jump out the back seat window will not be able to, nor will they be able to chew through the seat belt because they will be securely restrained and will not be able to turn around to reach the seat belt to chew on it.
  • Your dog will also not be able to snap the buckle because it is the safety buckle from your own vehicle.
  • Your dog will not be able to hang his/her head out of the window because the harness relies on your own seat belt restraints.
  • It is somewhat expensive for a dog harness.

Those who have purchased this harness in the past all rave about the fact that their dogs are kept restrained to the back seat and do not try to put their paws on the front console or squeeze through the center of the two front seats while the dog owners are trying to drive.

Both of these dog harnesses qualify for “best car harness for dogs” because they help keep your dog more safe and secure than no harness at all or using a leash tied to the seat hitch. However, one of these harnesses has greater benefits over the other.

Best Budget Harness

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Guardian Gear Ride Right harness

  • It makes it really simple to secure your dog into the back seat.
  • It costs far less than other car harnesses for dogs.
  • It is very easy to use.

Best Overall Dog Harness

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The Impact Harness by Kurgo.

  • There is no possible way your dog can get loose on his or her own.
  • It comes in multiple colors and it is washable.
  • If your car is hit from any one direction or rolls over and over in an accident, your dog is as secure as an infant in an infant seat.
  • It has a lifetime warranty, which goes above and beyond protecting your dog.
  • The chest padding is doubled to protect your dog’s heart and lungs safe from impaling or crushing injuries.

Additionally, the Kurgo impact harness has been crash-tested for safety, something that is rarely done for and with this type of product.

Here are some things other dog owners liked and stated about the product:

…the chest portion is heavy duty and stitched with very tightly to help reinforce the chest plate..

…this [Kurgo] harness is very easy to use! It fit my lage standard poodle nicely!

…the large harness is perfect for our giant Schnauzer. Not too tight, not too loose, even after you thread the car’s seat belt throught the back of the harness and click it into place..