Best Car Cover

There are many brands and types of car covers and even the experienced car care professional would have difficulty in figuring out where to start in choosing the right brand and model. This article is meant to give you some general guidelines to follow in your search for which kind of car cover is appropriate for how you will be using it.


The best car covers for meeting your specific requirements and needs will depend on the type of use you are seeking and the amount of protection that you desire as there are different covers which are made out of all different types of materials that will vary in the type of protection that they offer and this will also determine how much money you are going to have to spend as well.

We have selected two of the top car covers from two of the top companies in the car cover industry to compare and we will provide details on what to look for when you are selecting a car cover to meet your specific needs.

One thing that is important to keep in mind is the overall length of your vehicle as most covers will fit most standard vehicles however a cover that doesn’t fit will most likely be impossible to use effectively.


  • – 7 layers of storm proof protection make this cover great for protecting your car in the elements
  • – Tie down grommets and reinforced seams make this cover wind proof guaranteed
  • – Reflective materials and breathable fabric protect your interior and your paint


  • – Universal fit that comes with a free cable and a lock
  • – Seams are double stitched with elastic seams
  • – Offers basic protection for your car


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OxGord® Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

The Oxgord Executive storm-proof cover is definitely the top end option when considering a car cover for your car. The storm proof fabric is great for when you have to leave your car out in the elements and this will protect your car rain or shine.

One of the biggest benefits of this cover is the tie-down grommets that allow your cover to stay securely fastened in any amount of wind. A cover that isn’t securely fastened would let dirt and moisture under the cover and that could contribute to damaging your paint over time as wind causes it to rub into the finish.

This car cover would be a great investment for those who are looking to protect the investment they have put into their vehicle and wish to keep it looking it’s absolute best in whatever type of elements its being stored in.

  • – Tie down grommets keep the cover fastened securely
  • – UV protection keeps the paint from fading
  • – Storm proof keeps water out as well as other debris in the air
  • – Some reports of poor packaging
  • – Varying prices at different retailers
  • – Nor available at all common auto scores


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XCAR Universal Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover

The XCAR Universal car cover is a great budget alternative to use to protect your car. This car cover provides protection from dust and debris that may otherwise settle into and scratch the paint on your vehicle.

Overtime protecting your car with a car cover adds up with the amount of fine scratches from dirt and dust you will protect your paint from. This car cover is a great economical investment to keep most dust and dirt off of your vehicle wherever you are storing it.

This cover would be better suited for indoor use however it could protect your car well outdoors if the weather conditions are decent.

  • – Comes with free cable and lock
  • – Double stitched seams to increase the life of the cover
  • – Elastic bands ensure nice snug fit
  • – Some reports of poor packaging upon delivery
  • – Different prices at different retailers
  • – Not found at some common auto retailers


The value of finding the best car cover is that your car is an important investment to you and how your car looks. A car cover will protect the finish of your car which is in itself a large investment as far as how much it would cost to repaint and how much time you spend to keep it looking its best.

A car cover protects that time and money that you spend keeping your cars paint looking its best. Oxgord and XCAR are both leaders in the car cover business and they both have their unique sets of features and benefits that make them good products.

What you should consider when purchasing a car cover is the level of protection that you require and also the size of your vehicle as you want the car cover you purchase to fit your vehicle as well as fit your needs for what you need to protect the vehicles from.


The OxGord® Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover – 100% Water-Proof 7 Layers is definitely the clear front runner in this comparison as it is the all-around better choice. It provided many benefits including UV protection to keep your car protected from the Sun’s rays which would otherwise work to fade the paint and finish of your car over time. This is definitely the car cover to consider if you are looking to keep your cars finish dry and protected from the elements so you can keep it looking like it’s brand new. The Oxgord cover is available online for easy order and delivery.