Best Car Charger

No matter what type of cell phone you use — from iPhones to Androids — finding the best car charger can make your life a lot easier. A good car charger will help restore your battery life throughout the day, give you a fast charge and last for a long time.

Navigating the large number of car chargers on the market can be difficult. There are numerous chargers that meet different needs. Below you’ll find some of our personal favorites that meet a variety of needs.

Car Chargers

Some brands offer their own chargers, but there are a number of overall high-quality car chargers that can be used.

For a universal option, choose a car charger that utilizes a micro-USB and then buy specific charging cords for your phone. It’s important to do you diligent research on what chargers are compatible with your phone and other devices. With two ports, you can also charge multiple devices at once.

The best car charger in the micro-USB category includes:

  • Maxboost Car Charger with Smart Port Technology, which offers two Smart Ports that are a highly durable and ultra-portable.
  • Archeer Dual USB Car Charger¬†offers a LCD screen showing the charging status and the car battery voltage.
  • Anker Quick Charge PowerDrive+ 2¬†is the quick charge charger, offering one of the quickest charges on the market.

Best Overall Car Charger

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Anker Quick Charge PowerDrive +2

If you’re looking for one of the fastest charges for your phone, check out this Anker Quick Charge Charger. It is equipped with fast-charging technology — Quick Charge 3.0 and Quick Charge 2.0 with PowerIQ.

It is also compact, offering two-ports and built with zinc-alloy finish. There is also a LED ring for low-light conditions to help you find the port to plug in your chord.

You’ll also get an 18-month warranty to ensure that your charger works the way the company promises.

Users have said that charging is quick and simple, and that if they did encounter any issues customer service at Anker was phenomenal.

  • Quick charge technology
  • Portable
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • LED ring for low-light situations
  • One of the more expensive charging options
  • Must know more technical aspects in regards to the phone you use and what chords to buy to work with charger
  • A few issues with not charging as promised for some phone models

Best Budget Car Charger

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Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port Car Charger

The MaxBoost car charger comes at a great price point and offers great charging capabilities.

It charges a variety of mobile devices including the iPad and iPhone at max speed, as well as normal speed for iPod, HTC, Galaxy, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and more.

It’s Intelligent circuit design protects against short circuiting and overheating. It also has dual smart USB ports that identifies mobile devices to find optimal charging efficiency.

The company also offers a one-year warranty.

Users report loving the device’s compactness and decent charge times.

  • Dual ports
  • One-year warranty
  • Max speed option for Apple
  • Price
  • Only offers max speed charging for Apple products
  • Not as fast charging as other models
  • Not as long lasting

Selecting the Best Car Charger

In general, there are three types of car chargers on the market. They are: fast chargers, rapid chargers and trickle chargers.

Fast chargers charge mobile phones the quickest out of all types of car chargers. The only downfall is that if you don’t unplug the phone when charging is completed, the phone can become overheated.

Rapid chargers allow the use of the phone while it is charging. These chargers usually have a sensor or light that lets the owner know when the phone is charged.

Finally, trickle chargers also allow users to charge and use the phone at the same time. These chargers do not have a risk of overheating your cell phone.

Which option you chose depends on your needs. If you need a quick charge and can keep an eye on the phone while it charges, then fast chargers are best for you. If you want to charge and use your phone at the same time while driving, try the rapid or trickle options. If you want to plug in your phone and not have to worry about when it’s time to unplug, use the trickle charger type.

Car Charger Usage Tips

General tips on using your cell phone car charger include:

  • Unplug your car charger while it is not in use. Leaving the charger plugged in can drain your car battery.
  • Make sure your charger and phone are compatible before attempting to charge your phone. If you use the wrong charger or cable it could ruin your phone and/or phone battery.
  • Unplug your phone from the charger once it reaches full battery life. Some chargers can damage your battery/phone if left plugged in for too long. It can also cause your phone to overheat.
  • Alternate between car chargers and wall chargers for longer battery life.

The Best Car Charger

The front runner for the best car charger is the Anker Quick Charge PowerDrive +2. It offers two ports, and also a number of rapid charging options for the most amount of devices. It also has the best customer service and warranty options that will ensure that you have the best experience with this car charger.