Best Brake Pads

One of the most important aspects of choosing the best set of brake pads for any vehicle involves its overall performance as it relates to brake safety. This is one of the primary reasons why we have selected the 2 brake pads listed in the reviews below.

choose the right brake pads

Keeping up with the maintenance of a vehicle does not have to be difficult if the owner of the vehicle follows the general guidelines for inspecting the different parts of the car. One of the most important is making sure that the brake pads are inspected properly and replaced based on the industry’s standards. For instance, brake pads should be replaced at least every 20,000 – 60,000 miles. After this time the owner should make sure that they replacing their brake pads with one of the best on the market.

Best Overall Brake Pads

Hawk Performance HB453Z.585 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad

The Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads are a great buy for a number of different reasons. Therefore, consumers should make sure that they are reviewing what this pair offers. Specifically, because drivers can take advantage of the maximum stopping power that they provide including the fact that the driver can also benefit from having cleaner rims (because of the low dust feature). These brake pads have also been designed to grip the rotors very tightly for a firm stop. They are simple to install and will provide quiet braking instead of loud squealing noise when applying the brakes.


Features Include
  • Ultra-low dust
  • Extended pad life
  • Stable friction output
  • PC- Performance Ceramic brake compound
  • Increased stopping power
  • Installation of these brake pads was incredibly simple
  • Stops amazingly well
  • Brake pads are extremely smooth and quiet
  • Vehicle owners can expect less brake dust on the wheel
  • Some drivers complain about having slightly more noise than their original stock versions.
  • After a period of time, the brake will begin to gradually squeal more and more even when applying the lightest pressure

Best Budget Choice

StopTech 309.10010 Street Performance Front Brake Pad

When the vehicle owner purchases the StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads, they will have a chance to take advantage of advanced technology. It is also a great pair of brake pads because they have been engineered to perform well, even under high-temperatures. These pads have been made for consistent performance in order to facilitate even wear and tear. They will also generate far less dust and remain a lot cleaner. Also, manufacturers have focused on ensuring keeping squeaks and other whirling noises to a minimum. Users are normally very pleased with this buy, especially since they are very easy to install and break in.




Features Include
  • Scorched pad surface that has been made to deliver a positive bite in all temperatures
  • Consistent performance and even pad wear
  • Rotor-friendly low-dust formulation
  • Perfect factory fit
  • Consumers are saying that these brake pads will do a better job than the OEM pads
  • Barely make any noise and are pleasant to have overall
  • Easy installation
  • Braking power-excellent with no signs of fade at high speeds
  • Less dust and even noise but they don’t stop as well

Buyer’s Guide for Buying the Best Brake Pads

tips for buying the best brake pads 2016

When a vehicle owner is looking for a set of brake pads, it is very important that they know what to look for when they are shopping around online and in retail stores. Because there are so many different types and brands on the market today, these decisions can become overwhelming. However, when consumers make their investment based on a set of criterion that they can follow, they can make better informed decisions. For instance, when buying a pair of brake pads, the vehicle owner should look for a pair of brake pads that will meet and exceed the requirements listed below.

  • Rotor Friendly pads with low dust formulation
  • Smooth easy stopping with not squealing
  • Safe brakes that has good stopping performance every time
  • The same or better performance than OEM versions
  • Precision Cut for custom fit

Types of Brake Pads

When buyers are shopping around to see what is available in the industry, they will find that are many different types of brake pads that they can make their selections from. Three of the most common types are the semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic, and the ceramic brake pads.

Important Features of Brake Pads

When the consumer is shopping around, there are some features in a brake pad that they should always look for. Specifically, it they are looking for the best pads on the market that will keep them and their passengers safe.

That said, here are 3 features that must be included and why.

Maximum Stopping PowerDurabilityQuiet
Maximum Stopping Power is needed to prevent accidents from occurring. Even the driver stops abruptly, the vehicle must be able to stop instantly.
Having good brakes is not a luxury, but a necessity. So, it is important for the brakes that the owner invests in is durable enough to last for long periods of time and under extraordinary pressure.
In addition to being durable, brake pads must also be quiet. No one like to hear squeaky brakes when they stop. Also, the squeaky sounds are usually the sounds of the brakes being worn. So, it is important that brake pads are quiet from the start.


Buying a pair of brake pads does not have to be difficult. However, it is important that people have the right information available when they are shopping around. Fortunately, there is a lot of information available online that can assist drivers with making the best decisions. Some of it covers what features are needed as well as the best type for the money. So, for those who want to know both the best type and the most affordable buys, you may want to consider the Hawk Performance HB453Z.585 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad and the StopTech 309.10010 Street Performance Front Brake Pad as possible choices.