Best Bike Lock

Chances are your bike is not an inexpensive piece of machinery and that means you definitely don’t want to have to replace it. In order to keep it safe and protected you need to have the best bike lock you can find.

There are a range of different types of bike locks out there and choosing the right one can be difficult. We’ve worked that out for you by choosing what we think are the two best, and showing you here what they can offer you.

Product Summary

The key to finding the right lock is knowing about all of the features as well as the cost. You’ll also want to look at size, shape, what others have liked and what others have disliked.

Master Lock 8143D Cable Lock Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 U-Lock
Style Cable Lock U-Lock
Material Steel Cable, Vinyl Coating Steel Shackle
Combination Type 4 Digit Number Combination Lock I Shaped Keys
Shape Coil U
Protects From Cut Resistance Pick and Drill Resistant
Size 4 ft. x 5/16″ 25mm – 80mm
What Others Liked Great price Comes with cable lock to double-latch
What Others Disliked Not for locking to larger items Difficult to mount

Best Overall Bike Lock

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Master Lock 8143D Self Coiling Cable Lock

The Master Lock stands out most because it’s a very low price for a good quality lock. It’s able to keep your bike more secure than many other locks without breaking the bank.

The material of this lock is an important aspect as well because it is made with steel cable for durability. The steel is designed to resist against cuts that can typically counter this type of lock.

At 4 ft. long it’s simple to wrap this cable around any part of your bike and then just about anything you want to lock it to. It is a little short for larger trees, but can be attached to other poles or smaller structures.

Customer Reviews

“This lock is easy to use because all you have to do is unlock it, wrap it around the bike and whatever you want to lock to and click it closed. You do have to remember the combination that comes with the lock though cause you can’t set your own.”

“This lock is really inexpensive which makes it a great investment. I was really happy with the way it worked and how it really seemed secure when I left my bike locked up.”

  • Very inexpensive to purchase when needed
  • Four digit combination that doesn’t need a key
  • Easy to carry along with you on a bike ride
  • Comes with a combination that cannot be changed
  • Cable is somewhat short
  • Cable is difficult to unwind when it needs to stretch

Best U-Lock

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Kryptonite U-Lock

What stands out most about the Kryptonite lock is that it is sturdy and capable of standing up to most thieves. It is made with high grade steel to resist picks and drills that can counter similar locks.

The Kryptonite lock also has a large enough band to wrap around not just one but two bikes and still lock them to another structure. The variable size means that it can be used on a variety of different structures.

This lock is a little more expensive than others, but that’s what makes it a good buy. It is an all-around unit that will provide more quality for the price that you pay.

Customer Reviews

“This lock was really great because I was able to not only lock up my bike but also lock up a second bike to keep both of them secure with one lock. I really liked how easy it was and I didn’t have to remember a combination either.”

“With this lock I was able to lock up my bike without having to worry about someone breaking it off. It really seems like it’s secure and I’ll be able to trust my bike with it.”

  • Fits around 1 or 2 bikes and a structure
  • Includes U-lock and cable for the lock
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Difficult to install bracket
  • Cable could be just a little longer
  • The lock is heavy to hold or carry

The Best Overall Value


How to Choose a Bike Lock

There are three different types of locks that you can choose from when locking up your bike. You can pick a U-lock, cable lock or chain lock to stay secure.

The right type of lock is mostly based on your personal preference, as all three types are high quality and make it more difficult for someone to steal your bike. If you are in a higher crime area, a chain lock is the most effective, while a cable lock is the least.

The Advantages of a Bike Lock

One of the biggest advantages to these locks is they make it difficult for someone to steal your bike. This is done best if the lock is sized to fit your bike and the object that you are locking it to.

These locks require additional tools if someone is still determined to take the bike. That means it will take more time and you or someone else might notice what is happening in time to stop them.

Things to Look For

The most important thing to look for is the size of the lock because a too large lock could actually give you the impression that it’s safe while still being easy to break. You want a lock that just fits around your bike and whatever you lock it to, without extra space to pry it.

Another thing to look at is the durability of the lock itself because you want it to stand up to pressure and prying at least somewhat. If someone tried to steal your bike by breaking the lock you want it to put up a decent amount of resistance.


Overall, the Kryptonite U-Lock is the better buy if you have a little bit more money to spend on it. This lock is made of sturdy material and will require more than wire cutters to get through.

This is going to work in higher crime areas as well as lower crime areas, whereas a cable lock is primarily for low crime areas. It also uses keys so there is no need to remember a combination, which can also improve your ability to get the bike back when you’re ready.

With this lock you also get to size it to your needs. It can be adjusted to work for different structures as well as extra items that need locking up.