Best Battery Tester

There are many brands and types of battery testers and even the experienced car care professional would have difficulty in figuring out where to start in choosing the right brand and model. This article is meant to give you some general guidelines to follow in your search for which kind of battery tester is appropriate for how you will be using it.


The best battery tester for meeting your specific needs will depend on the type of use and performance that you are seeking from your battery tester as different battery testers will have a vast array of different performance tests that they can run and the number of tests that a battery tester will run and how accurately will determine how much the battery tester will cost.

We have selected two of the best battery testers from two of the top brands to compare and will provide details on what to look for in each of them and how to select a battery tester that is right for you and will be able to run the tests that you need on your vehicle.

One thing that is important to note is that you will need to make sure that the battery tester that you are selecting has an option to run tests on the voltage output that your battery is providing. Keep this in mind as well as the types of tests you would like to run when selecting a battery tester.


  • – Charging system runs a test that will decode alternator information and help you troubleshoot a faulty charging system
  • – Multi-language systems available at the language menu
  • – Constructed to withstand impact in a tough working environment


  • – Runs a 100 amp load test for 12 volt batteries
  • – You can test load, battery condition, and starter motor draw
  • – Runs a 50 amp load test for 6 volt batteries


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Foxwell Bt705 Car Battery Tester

The Foxwell Car Battery Tester and Charging System analyzer is definitely the top end option when considering car battery testers. This system provides the widest array of tests compared to its competitors and provides the results in a useful format.

One of the great benefits of this system is the optional built in Bluetooth capability as this allows you to run your tests on your system and then save those results until you are ready to look at them and analyze them by printing out all the details by using a Bluetooth compatible printer to print out your diagnostics.

This is a great battery tester if you are looking for a tool that is able to run a wide variety of tests and then print the results out easily and the construction is strong and durable so your investment will last for years.

  • – Charging system decodes alternator information
  • – Multi-language system accessible through language menu
  • – Strong construction
  • – Very durable
  • – Easy to print diagnostic information
  • – Some people reported poor packaging on delivery
  • – Prices vary among different retailers
  • – Not available at all common auto stores


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Schumacher BT-100 100 amp Battery Load Tester

The Schumacher battery load tester is a great budget alternative if you are looking for a battery tester that will be able to run all the basic diagnostic tests that you need to be able to get your problems solved quickly and effectively and get your vehicle back on the road.

One of the most important features of this tester is that it can be run on either a 12-V battery or a 6-V battery which is a nice added flexibility if you are going to be running your tests on different types of vehicles.

  • – Runs a 100-amp load test on 12-v batteries
  • – Runs a 50-amp load test on 6-v batteries
  • – Economical choice for running tests you need
  • – Some reports of poor packaging upon delivery
  • – Not easy to find in all auto retail stores
  • – Different prices at different stores


The value of finding the best battery tester that suits your needs for the types of tests and diagnostics that you are wanting to run is that it is a significant investment and you may have to use it many times over the years so you want one that will always be able to do the job you need it to do and you also want that battery tester to be able to stand up to a tough work environment for many years and be impact resistant so that you don’t accidentally damage it working in a garage environment.

One of the most important things to consider is how many different tests do you need to run as this will greatly affect your decision in the type of battery tester you are looking to purchase. We recommend you make sure you know the voltage of the batteries you are looking to test as well.


The Foxwell Bt705 Car Battery Tester and Charging System Analyzer was the clear front runner in this comparison and was the all-around better choice. It provided many benefits including being able to run diagnostics on the alternator and charging system as well as being able to run tests on start-up and even has the optional capability of being able to print out all statistics via blue tooth connection to a printer. The Foxwell battery tester is widely available online for easy order and delivery.