Best Backup Camera

Backup cameras have become so popular in vehicles. Almost every vehicle has them now, and if yours doesn’t you can get one. You don’t have to worry about finding a new vehicle in order to have a backup camera, but you do have to choose the backup camera that you will get… and you want to get the best backup camera.

You’ll find there are many backup cameras that are on the market, and they are really in high demand. But making sure you have on of the best can seem overwhelming; so, here are the best backup cameras that you will find, and you’ll see exactly why they’re part of the best!

Backup Cameras on the Market

Making sure that your backup camera is a topnotch one is extremely important; you don’t want to spend your money on it when you could’ve gotten something better.

There are some things that you should consider before you purchase your backup camera. You need to think about the size, the placement you want it to be at, if you want it to stand out or if you want it to be incognito. You also need to think about the design, style and the other features that you would like to be incorporated with your backup camera.

It’s really difficult to name one as the best; ultimately it comes down to your specific preference. Here are some of the highly sought after backup cameras that you can find to date.

Backup Camera Names


Rear View Safety Backup Camera

96 ounces

Esky EC170-11 Backup Camera

6.4 ounces

Best Overall Backup Camera

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Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch LCD (Black)- WIRED

We have found this to be one of the most popular backup cameras that are made. This backup camera comes from a very popular and reputable company, Rear View Safety. What stands out for mostly everyone that purchases this backup camera is all of the things that come with it. It’s not just the backup camera itself. When you get the RVS-770613 you get:

  • 7″ digital TFT LCD color monitor along with the universal stand/mount
  • Waterproof backup camera with IP68 rating
  • Color CCD weatherproof infra-red backup camera
  • 18 infra red lights that lets you see even when it’s the darkest it can get up to 50 feet
  • 66′ cable with connections that are aircraft grade and all of the components you will need to make the installation

We see that the packaging size for this backup camera is standard packaging and ships to you at a weight of 5.8 pounds. We also learned that this backup camera comes with a 1 year warranty, which is not ordinary. We thought that was a generous amount of time for a warranty on a backup camera.

We found a lot of great information about this backup camera, and we think you will agree with us. Everything we’ve come across when researching this backup camera has been things that most people look for when looking to purchase a backup camera. It is a backup camera that is waterproof; in fact it has the highest IP rating that you can get! That simply put means that this backup camera will work in all weather conditions, no matter what! So if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or rain, or if you live somewhere that has a lot of sun or wind…

no matter what weather conditions you find yourself in, you don’t have to worry about your backup camera not being able to work.

The things that we have found that are benefits of this backup camera are great. This backup camera provides you with a super sharp digital image; so you won’t be worried about not being able to see the image clearly. It also is equipped to service 3 channels, so if you’d like to add more cameras at different views, you would be able to see all 3 views at the same time. Something else we were pleased to see is that this camera gives you the grid lines when you are backing up; this will give you a reference as to how much room you have when you are backing up.

Reviews that we’ve noticed on this backup camera were almost all good reviews. Customers with the product really liked the speed in which they received it, and also really liked how great it worked at night. Some reviews also read that it’s a product that will last for many years to come and they enjoy knowing they will get a lot of great use from this backup camera. All in all, the consensus of this backup camera is that it’s the best, if you were considering another backup camera, the reviewer say you can forget about it, just go with this one.

  • Complete waterproof system
  • The great visibility you’ll see regardless of how dark it is
  • It comes with everything you need
  • Some say it’s not as durable as they hoped
  • Camera holds condensation
  • Mount doesn’t seem to work in a lot of vehicles

Best Budget Backup Camera

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Esky EC170-11 World Smallest HD Color CMOS Waterproof Backup Camera

We thought the next best backup camera that you could find would be the Esky EC170-11 World Smallest HD Color CMOS Waterproof Vehicle Car Rear View Backup Camera. What stands out for us with this backup camera is the small size and the big power it has.

What we’ve found is great about the Esky EC170-11 backup camera:

  • It gives a clear view of hi-definition
  • It has color CMOS with 170° visible range
  • It has a waterproof exterior
  • It’s very easy to install and operate

The packaging for this product is pretty simple and gives you just what you need for the backup camera. It comes with the backup camera itself, a DC power cable and a 19 foot AV cable.

One thing that we particularly like about this camera is the size. It is small, in fact the smallest backup camera in the world that you can find that gives off the color it does, is waterproof and hi-definition. Because of its size, you can put this camera anywhere… the rear window, in the license plate area, or anywhere you can find that is good for you. The size makes this easy for you and it makes things extremely convenient. It’s also easy to install; whenever you find the perfect place for you to put it, all you have to do is connect the wires to the power system and then the correct cords you will need to the display you have in your vehicle.

We found that customers like the size of the camera and were pleasantly surprised at how great this camera works. The customers rave about the clear image that is seen and love how well this camera operates even when there is low lighting. Many recommend this camera and are extremely happy they decided to choose this one.

  • The great quality that is given from it
  • The size of the camera
  • That you can put it anywhere with ease and still have a great view
  • No guidelines are given when you backup
  • There isn’t a warranty given for it

We wanted to make sure that we found backup cameras that were great for any occasion of use and that could be utilized on any vehicle. What we have listed will do just that, but in our opinion, while both are extremely amazing, the Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera is the better of the two backup cameras we’ve listed. It comes along with everything you need, from all of the cords to especially being given the screen, unlike the Esky EC170-11 which only comes with the camera and cords to hook it up. While both cameras are great ones to choose, the Rear View Safety RVS-770613 is simply the best.