Best Air Filter

There are many different types and brands of air filters and even the seasoned car pro would have trouble figuring out where to start in selecting the best one for his or her needs. There are some general guidelines to follow and this article will lay out how to choose an air filter that fits your needs.


The correct air filter will depend first on the make, model and year of your car. This information you need to have on hand and make sure you provide this information in your search for an air filter as this will result in you getting something that is a good fit for your vehicle.

Two leading brands for air filters for any make and model are K&N air filters and FRAM air filters. These two brands each offer their own specific sets of benefits.

FRAM Air Filters:

– FRAM Extra Guard: new air filter every 12,000 miles will increase air flow, engine performance, and horse power

– FRAM Tough Guard: Offers less restriction and more consistent airflow utilizing Pleat Lock glue bead technology to keep pleats locked into place

K&N Air Filters:

– Offers a one-million-mile warranty on all street vehicle OE Replacement Air Filters which can be returned and replaced free of charge with original receipt

– K&N air filters offer an average of 1-4 horsepower improvement upon replacing a used filter

Both of these brands offer high quality filters for almost all makes and models for car trucks and even motorcycles.


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K&N 33 Series High Performance Air Filter

This is the best air filter and is available in different sizes to fit all different sorts of makes and models.

One of its biggest features is that it lasts up to 50,000 miles before it gets used to the point that you need to replace it.

It is specifically designed to boost horse power and rate of acceleration.

It also prevents dirt and other materials from entering your engine which would otherwise cause build-up of dirt within your engine causing it to lose performance over time.

  • Pleat lock glue technology keeps pleats locked into place
  • Compatible with almost any commercial car or truck
  • Pleat lock technology keeps air flowing at higher rate which is a key component in better gas mileage
  • Prevents dirt and other particles from clogging up the air intake system of your vehicle
  • Protects wear and tear caused by a clogged air system
  • Very specific and obscure car makes and models mat not be available in this series
  • May come in odd packaging quantities
  • May cost more than more budget competitors


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FRAM CA Series

The FRAM CA Series offers a great all-around product that has enough sizes to fit almost any make or model car.

The FRAM CA Series provides up to two times the engine protection as your used filter that needs to be replaced.

This budget air filter is among the best air filters you can get for your money. This is a great air filter to purchase that will do the job to keep your car engine running smoothly and to protect it for many thousands of miles to come.

  • Fits nearly any commercial vehicle make or model
  • Great for keeping your car running at peak performance as your mileage increases
  • Keeps engine protected from dirt which prevents decreased performance
  • Increased performance from enhanced air flow technology
  • Packaging sometimes poor upon delivery
  • A select few makes and models were not available for this budget option
  • Different prices from different retailers


The value of finding the best air filter is that it is what keeps dirt out of your car’s engine. When the filter gets clogged or lets dirt through the air flow is restricted and dirt passes into the engine at which point it begins to negatively affect the performance of your vehicle.

K&N Air Filters and FRAM Air Filters have both been industry leaders in providing air filters for motor vehicles. They both provide great quality for their respective price points.

What should determine the filter for you is how much would you like to invest in it and how important is the performance and reliability of your car to you.

Typically air filters are recommended to be replaced every 12,000 miles especially if you are replacing with a typical FRAM Air Filter. Alternatively, a K&N Air Filter may be cleaned once it’s dirty and has a lifetime warranty.

Changing your own air filter is relatively easy for most cars. If you are uncertain, consult your owner’s manual or your local dealer for further help.

Listed below is your standard steps to replacing an air filter:

  1. Use proper protective gear for yourself
  2. Loosen any fasteners or wing nuts to remove the protective cover of the filter
  3. Remove the used or dirty air filter
  4. Using a shop vacuum clean the filter housing to remove dirt and dust
  5. Install your new filter insuring that it is sealed along the perimeter
  6. Replace cover and re-tighten wing nuts and fasteners

If you are uncertain which air filter is right for you, please contact your dealership to make sure you are getting the correct air filter for your car and that you are keeping up with the requirements of any warranties you may have on your vehicle.


The K&N Air Filter is the clear front runner for the best air filter due to its lifetime warranty and the fact that it is reusable once it is dirty. It has numerous other technological benefits as well that increase air flow and improve performance while keeping your car clean. It is widely available at nearly any auto retailer and online for easy order and delivery.