16 Super Cool Car Hacks – Savvy, Useful & Practical Tips All Drivers Must Know

audi 03Car hacks and savvy car tricks can make all your trips so much easier and much more comfortable. Whether it is cleaning your headlights with toothpaste, or removing dents from your car with a plunger, these tips will make your car gleam and make your rides so much more smoother.

Here is the complete list of car hacks all drivers should know:

1. Make your headlights shine like new with toothpaste. Scrub them with a soft cloth till your headlights are smudge and grime free. They will look as good as new.

2. Cool your car down in seconds without blasting on the A/C. This trick is so neat – all you have to do is roll down one window and open and shut the other side door 5-6 times. By doing this you let the hot air escape and the fresh cool air enter your car, cooling it instantly. Genius!
3. Hold your phone up by just a rubber band. Thread a piece of rubber band through the vent of your car’s A/C to make a quick and reliable phone holder.
4. Adjust your side mirrors. Car safety experts are of the opinion that the mirrors of any car should be positioned in such a way as to not to display any part of the car. This is the best method of negating blind spots which necessitate turning your head while changing lanes. Place the mirrors so that they overlap a little bit with the field of view displayed in the centre-mounted rear view car mirror.

5. Fix fast food messes with shower caddies. Your car floors can become quickly littered with fast food trash like pieces of chicken, random ketchup-soaked fries and soiled tissues, if you don’t clean them regularly. But cleaning is easier said than done. To make car floor cleaning hassle-free, we suggest you place shower caddies for keeping meals in place, specially for kids and also for bumpy trips.
6. Get a super easy DIY car trash can. Simply line a cereal container with a disposable bag and you have a readymade trash can for your car. So simple!
7. Use a broom to remove snow. The easiest and most effective way of removing snow from your car is with a sturdy broom. Just cut off the handle of your broom and keep it in your trunk for whenever you need to remove snow in a hurry.

8. Get rid of gas odour from your hands with wet wipes. Store a pack of fresh-smelling hand wipes to remove the gas smell from your hands after filling the tank up.
9. Quickly remove car grease stains with our trick. Mix baking soda and water and apply on grease stains. Scrub and rinse off for a stain-free result – whether on your hands or clothes.
10. Remove rust from your bumper by using Coca Cola. Use aluminium foil and Coca Cola to remove rust stains from your bumper.
11. Get unstuck from stubborn snow beneath the tires. Use a bag of kitty litter to get some traction and get moving.
12. Peanut butter for your car to remove tar. Remove all traces of tar with the help of peanut butter.
13. Extend the life of your wipers. Rub your car’s windshield wipers gruffly with sandpaper to increase their life and get maximum usage out of them.
14. Don’t put air in your tyres if the temperature goes below 10 degrees F.The valve tends to stick and this could lead to all air escaping the tyre.
15. Tune your car this way. Based on the recommendation of the manufacturer, set the gap on your spark plugs utilising the widest gap possible. This way of tuning your car ensures better gas mileage, and it will run better and idle better.
16. Make your tyres last much longer. Instead of replacing your tyres, rotate them every 5000-10000 miles to make them last much more. You can replace them after every 40000 miles or so of usage. Buy them on sale to save a lot of money.